Network technology

Metropolitan and corporate networks, service provider networks, data centre networks, borderless networks…


Ever since the foundation of NET-SYSTEM its main area of interest has been routing and switching in WAN/MAN/LAN networks. Thanks to network technology from Cisco we are able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of our various customers. We are offer a broad range of services from design, implementation, configuration, optimization to proactive monitoring and expert troubleshooting. NET-SYSTEM is focused on large corporate, service provider and data center networks involving thousands of servers.


Security has become an integral part of data and transmission networks. A growing demand for communication without obstacles in corporate networks and over the Internet has resulted in a great demand for secure data communication. NET-SYSTEM concentrates on the latest developments in the field of security and offers complex solutions which enables users in large corporate networks comfortable access to their services with a guarantee of maximum security. Thanks to Cisco security products, we can offer complex protection and authentication mechanisms for users, servers, network infrastructure and transported data at the highest levels of security. Our solutions are proactive and every violation of security is carefully evaluated and automatically reported to the relevant system administrator.

Wireless networks

In recent years, mobile personal computers and hand-held devices have developed a greatly enhanced capability to connect to wireless networks based on WiFi technologies. NET-SYSTEM has been closely observing the evolution of wireless technologies which because of their new security possibilities – have became the standard in connecting endpoints to corporate networks and the Internet. Utilizing products from Cisco, the leader in this field, we design and implement wireless networks with sufficient capacity to connect from hundreds to thousands of end devices. Advanced mechanisms of security, authorization, automatic interference detection and its elimination are employed in these networks. Central management systems of these wireless network allows the location of clients and overall network diagnostics to facilitate fast detection of potential problems.


  • Advanced services for various sizes of network designs with an emphasis on maximum utilization of existing network hardware.
  • Cisco devices configuration and consulting in this area.
  • Remote data systems management with guaranteed reaction time and proactive monitoring.

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